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Thu 18 December 2014

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electric cars: BMW Motorrad-produced HP2 sport slide fast

In the UK, 1170 cc motorcycle engine is still 20 units remaining and ready made collection. BMW Motorrad-produced HP2 sport slide fast BMW HP2 first appeared to the public in 2008 ago as a replacement for World Endurance. Large motorcycle was also the first model from BMW's equipped with two-cylinder engine with 6-speed transmission. Strength, 130 PS@8.750 Nm@6.000 rpm and 115 rpm. BMW claims the HP2 able to speed up reaching a top speed of 248.7 miles per hour in 11.4 seconds. To slow the pace, the bike is equipped with dual disc brakes on front wheels (320 mm) and single (265 mm) rear. HP2 priced at 15,250 pounds on the road in London. Diposkan oleh

Pele Good, Maradona Great, George Best Complicated | VICE Sports

If the rapid rise to superstardom was Best's first act, the slow, booze-soaked fall was his second, and the last gasp liver transplant his third. The fall of George Best revealed a darker side. He admitted to, or at least never denied, beating his second wife Alex, who divorced him shortly before his death. A pattern of abuse emerged. In a 1998 biography titled Bestie, author Joe Lovejoy claimed that Best punched Alex more than once.