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Sat 13 December 2014

We Have exposed a brand new TPM store, which you may visit here. We've ensured (and significantly here) to be sure the merchandise are high quality, look great.

Face It. You Would Like This TPM Clothing

I desired to put in a perhaps uncommon perspective on your queries regarding the activity started from the authorities killings: I am a bright millennial (28 yrs old) whose first relative, a 16-year-old Hispanic man (followed by my aunts in New Mexico right after birth) was shot dead with a cop early this summertime in subsequently-strange situations.

Benghazi Derp Creature Uses Itself

A new analysis while in the New England Record of Medication concludes Obama may not be ready to save Obamacare when the Supreme Court invalidates its tax breaks.

TPM Reader: My Cousin Was Shot Dead by Police in New Mexico

We seem to be when this occurs (again) in which a Republican panel seat has to guard a congressional statement from strikes from other Republicans because the reports did not complement the things they were reading on Limbaugh or