Sing Along With Maggie!

Tue 20 January 2015

Mihai Francu has assembled a terrific collection of Adorable Puppeh Videos. It would be considered a planet that is better if we saw it right now and all just stopped what we were doing. (Speakers up for this, too.)

Chiang Mai Bear Dog Spotted!

Pay Attention To minor Maggie The Doxie indication along with her hoomin- and don’t miss The Nonstop Tail Wagging Action, either.

Time For A Little T.S.C. (Too. Stinkin.’ Cute.)

Not everyone is bummed out on Mon! “ Mountain Flower Break the dairy goat appears rather happy, ” says M.

Oh, Snap!

We got this mail earlier today from Meg WATTS. Happy every Friday you function rats. I really like to start to every week together! Closed are a few photos of my babies. There’s there is of the 2 of them together: Ziegler within Otto and the top an image behind him. The past picture is Ziegler ‘smiling’ for that camera.

Rats, It’s Monday! (BONUS Edition!)

Sometimes one post results in another! We leaped these Friday pictures from Maria DEB, last Friday. And Chiang Mai Bear Dog that was to…the was brought by the ones! “Wow, just found that you released my girlfriend’s ancestors pictures (Karen D.) and that I must claim you truly built her year as she’s a large massive lover of one's website,” says Glenn MICHAEL. “Anyway, that got me contemplating a cute Hug Bear-Dog we'd the enjoyment of assembly in Thailand this past year in Chiang Mai – sadly I am unable to pronounce/spell the human’s nor the Adorable Puppy titles precisely, however the dog is well known in the night marketplace there.”

This Meeting of the Faithful Purchase of Hamster Wizards Will Today Come to Get

Before we moveon to fresh business, I wish to advise you that pal Harfurt Fizzywigg’s workshop on necklaces and incantations while in the safety against cats continues to be transferred to Mondays. Currently then, it's arrive at our interest that particular customers have now been utilising the cause of fructus amplifico in plant garden . Not only does this unauthorized usage of wonder threaten to expose our order that was secret, but Mrs. McGinty almost tripped on a twenty-base carrot.