September 16-17: Photography Workshop And A Food Style In Brooklyn With Sunday Suppers

Wed 29 October 2014

I feel fortunate to become encased by such a group right now… And So I must inform you of another function that can happen im Brooklyn in May at Sunday Suppers. You might understand that a number of courses were taught by me therein the past. Loft that is Karen’s is truly uplifting.

In Might we commemorate

just in case you requested, the dishes were produced from my recent cookbook, plus some are from the fresh approaching one! Looking an extremely happy birthday to P., my love, and the finest promoter of could work. I am fortunate for him. As well as for the day that is fantastic we had recently with your friends.

Food Design and Photography Class in Baja California, Mexico

The focus will undoubtedly be on styling photos that include engaging, outdoor beach picnics, plants + landscapes of Mexico.

With Purple

I am still unsure why…. I hope you'll enjoy the tartlets. It’s like the start of Spring inside your dish. Strawberry and raspberry tartlets The recipe is easy to prepare, in just a few actions (I wrote the recipe usually as I was producing them).