Quick & Furious 7 Truly Freaking Did drop Vehicles From A C-130 Plane

Fri 13 March 2015

Like do you remember that scene from http://www.resourceinvestor.com/2015/03/12/how-invest-when-youre-investing the Furious 7 trailer where they dropped cars from an airplane? That wasn't CGI, that actually happened. We've seen vehicle drops from the military and others before, of course, but this Furious stunt is especially nuts because of the choreography (luck? regular gravity?) required for all the moving parts: multiple skydiving cameramen trying to get the best shot, the planes that dropped the cars maneuvering out of the way, the helicopter hovering around making sure everythings good and oh yeah, those falling cars on parachutes. Who needs CGI (actors, apparently). Crazy dudes jump right before the car goes and other crazy dudes chasing after the car drop: Here's a behind the scenes look of how they pulled it off: I can't wait for the movie. http://sploid.gizmodo.com/fast-furious-7-really-freaking-did-drop-cars-from-a-c-1691177667

2014 Lamborghini Aventador Roadster Loud And Fast Accelerations In Beverly Hills

It has a tube-framed chassis similar to a Pro 2 truck's, King coil-over and bypass shocks, and an independent front suspension. The 520-horsepower LS3 motor was moved back to shift the center of gravity to handle the jumps. Location The road is a section of Pikes Peak Highway, which we were allowed to close down for eight days. The rest of the time we filmed in fifteen- to twenty-minute increments while a line of traffic formed behind us. Some of the people waitingespecially the cyclistsmade it clear they were unhappy with the delay. Environment The right side of the road was a dirt lane and a culvert, so the crew brought in their own rocks, along with trees up to twenty-five feet high mounted on a steel pallet. Digital Effects We didn't want to do these scenes in CGI. We wanted them real. (We even dropped real cars from the airplane to set up this shot.) The only CGI was painting out the overhead and pullback wires and adding in a parachute. Speed The parachuted car fell at twenty-five miles per hour. http://www.popularmechanics.com/culture/movies/a14530/skydiving-car-shot-in-furious-7/

This Is How They Got the Insane 'Furious 7' Skydiving Cars Shot

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