New Cars You Ought Not Buy

Wed 10 December 2014

this one And a very expensive sci-fi action movie prop, at that. The site also called this car "the worst thing out of Italy since fascism." Yikes. Retailing at $4.5 million, you may not have to worry about accidentally buying this beast, but if you've already ordered one - just keep it on the downlow.

Murano Prezzo: Nissan Prices 2015 Murano from $30,445 – News – Car and Driver | Car and Driver Blog

Fortunately, its not that much moreonly about a grand in most trimswith pricing starting at $30,445 for the front-wheel-drive S model. For $33,505, the Murano SV brings navigation, power seats, touch-screen infotainment, remote starting, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, fog lamps, and a roof rack. $37,835 nets aMurano SL withleather upholstery, 11 Bose speakers, heated front seats and outside mirrors, blind-spot monitoring, and Nissans nifty Around View monitor. At the top of the range is the $41,485 Platinum grade, which rides on 20-inch wheels and gets LED headlamps, heated and cooledseats, heated rear seats, a heated power-adjustable steering wheel, and power-folding second-row seats. Want all-wheel drive? Prepare to pony up another $1600 regardless oftrim.

Six Reasons Why You Should Buy Used Cars Instead Of New | Cars On This Day

This is a serious benefit to a person living in a large city. In fact, anyone living in New York or Los Angeles knows all too well that a new car is, seemingly, a target for every bus driver, bike rider and pedestrian. Without a doubt, when looking for as stress-free drive, one should opt for a used car. Pay cash: In a bid to gain financial independence , some opt to pay cash for their goods and services. This extends to vehicles. When buying with cash or check, a person will avoid finance charges and can save money for more important things like a retirement or down payment on a house. Just as good: When driving a brand new car, the fun will wear off quickly. The reason for this is simple; an older model will perform just as well as a new one and most people will not notice a difference while on the city streets or freeway. Theft: When parking an old car on the streets, a driver will not fear that someone will steal or break into his or her car.