Nascar 2015???

Fri 30 January 2015

Good evening all; Happy New Year Looking for some new Teams to join our Fantasy Nascar Racing league this year if interested I attached the link for review let me know I'll send you a copy of the Rules & Regs of if you know anyone let me know. Jim AKA crabbermanjl

Question Tri-State show this year ??

Is there one scheduled?

Good Information New Blue Crab regulations for 2015

We had Nelson and Di Ortiz onboard for their first tuna trip. They are fellow members of the Peninsula Salt Water Sport FishermanÂ’s Association and at the time, Nelson was the President of the Peninsula CCA. We started at the Norfolk Canyon and trolled all the way up to the Washington Canyon where we found the tuna. We did not find the little bluefin we were looking for.

Good Information Bluefin Tuna Recapture

Good to see our fisheries managers are taking action to help blue crab stocks, raising the size on peelers by 1/4" for part of the season, this should fix everything. From: "The minimum size for peeler crabs will be increased from 3¼ inches to 3½ inches from April 1 to July 14 for both the commercial and recreational fisheries in the Chesapeake Bay and its tidal tributaries. The minimum size for peeler crabs is already 3½ inches from July 15 to December 15, so no change is required for the second half of the season."