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Tue 18 November 2014

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It cannot be right to allow a company such as Sainsburys to play upon an event such as the 1914 Christmas truce a tiny event amidst the carnage and horrors of the war for the purposes of advertising its shops and increasing its profits. Martin Jeanneret The world is a whole lot better now John Dakin (letter, 14 November) writes: The modern world is not perfect, but it is a whole lot better than before 1914 and he is correct, but what he omits is that, in seeking to diminish institutions like the EU and the NHS, the current UK government is actively helping to move Europe back towards those pre-1914 conditions. Phillip Marston Metric or imperial it cant be both Please make up your mind whether youre metric or imperial a foot (or metre) in each camp makes for muddled journalism. The caption for the photo of Bob Diamonds daughter (14 November) states her dress was made from 35 metres of silk and comprising a 15ft-long train. If this was part of a spot the deliberate confusion competition, I claim my prize. Shane Malhotra I agree with Farage what a dilemma! I have just read Nigel Farages column (14 November) and have to say I agree with every word. He is so right to condemn private finance initiatives as this policy is making billions of pounds for private companies over and above what would have been reasonable amounts.

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