Koil Tk Racing: Lebih Tajam Dari Se, Angkat 1 Dk Semua Engine Standar Karbu, Rp 150.000

Thu 22 January 2015

Bermerek pun belum tentu mampu mengangkat 1 dk. Itu untuk knalpot 4-tak ya. Asli - memang tulen koil TK Racing yang diklaim lebih yahud dari milik pecial engine (SE). Ia memang mampu melipat setrum ke busi sampai 40.000 volt. Bandingkan dengan milik SE paling tinggi 30.000 volt. Kalau koil standar 15.000 volt. Karena itu, dia bisa menaikan dk dan torsi hanya ganti koil thok di motor standar. Reaksi akselerasi akan langsung terasa. Harga memang cuma Rp 150.000. http://maniakmotor.com/index.php/tips-s/8034-koil-tk-racing-lebih-tajam-dari-se-angkat-1-dk-semua-motor-standar-karbu-rp-150-000

Motor racing: Ecclestone tips Hamilton for third title - Yahoo Sports

Ecclestone said the Briton, who celebrated his 30th birthday this month, was a good champion for the sport because he was better known than Rosberg and more easily recognizable. "He's a rapper. So we're going to get to a completely different audience as well now," he added. "He's going to be good go here as a world champion." The season starts in Australia on March 15. Hamilton has yet to sign a new contract beyond 2015 but he said he was relaxed with the situation. "I was at the factory for a couple of days but I haven't sat down with the team," he told Sky at a sponsor appearance in Switzerland. "But we said last year we are not in a rush, we are relaxed. http://sports.yahoo.com/news/motor-racing-ecclestone-tips-hamilton-third-title-171130356--f1.html

Vettel a good fit for Ferrari, says Surtees | Reuters

He knows the sport but most important he knows all the personalities," said Surtees. "Mattiacci did not have a chance. I thought that was an unwise appointment for both of them. You don't learn the ropes in the deep end. "That was a mistake and I think they've corrected that mistake and made a very wise choice," added the Briton. http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/01/20/us-motor-racing-surtees-idUSKBN0KT29F20150120

Caterham administrators refuse to give up hope | Reuters

Formula One's commercial supremo Bernie Ecclestone told Sky Sports television that he had met a possible purchaser for Marussia on Wednesday but he was less hopeful about Caterham's prospects. "I had a meeting with someone...who has said they think can buy Marussia. So that would be good. Caterham, I don't think there's much chance of saving them. Marussia I think there's a chance," he said. Marussia were ninth overall last season, ahead of Sauber and Caterham, and would be in line for significantly more prize money and revenues than Caterham, who have never scored a point in five years. http://uk.reuters.com/article/2015/01/22/uk-motor-racing-caterham-idUKKBN0KV14X20150122