Keira Knightley Reveals What Her Adolescent Years Were Really Like

Wed 22 October 2014

To which, Rockwell, 45, a self-professed teen “dweeb, geek,” cracked, “I was barely in school.” Keira Knightley Reveals Why She Was Bullied for Wearing This Chanel Dress In “Laggies,” which opens in theaters on Oct. 24, Knightley plays a young woman who befriends a teenager, played by Chloe Grace Moretz, after she panics when her boyfriend proposes. Knightley’s character spends a week hanging out with the high schooler and her single dad, played by Rockwell. When Knightley asked Rockwell what he would do if he could run away from his life for a week, the actor replied he’d go to his hometown San Francisco and “drink beer and eat cheese [and] different kinds of meat.” Knightley said she’d also booze it up.

Matthew McConaughey on Marriage, the 'McConaissance' and More

You know, I didn’t want it to be a destination; the fun is that we’re on the adventure together. And look, some of it had to do with her putting it on me. It took her going, ‘C’mon, Big Boy, Mr. Easygoing-We’ll-Get-to-It-When-We-Get-to-It. Either s or get off the pot.’” On Keeping a Diary: “A man should always have his diary on him. That way he’s guaranteed to always have something incredible to read.” On All Those Romantic Comedies He Did: “These things aren’t easy.

Kat Dennings Reveals How She Met Her New Boyfriend

She’s gorgeous. It’s just amazing. I’ve never seen an a* like that in my life.” The actress brought up an old “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” episode before Kardashian and Kanye West married and the reality star was doing her music video. “Kanye was there and he was like, ‘I have never seen an a like that.’ And that’s what I was thinking!” Dennings admitted. “And yet he got to her first.

The Broadway star remembered that moment well, recalling a moment when, as part of the show, he walked among the audience. "As I walked past him, he was at the table in the end of the row and he, like, whacked me," he said. "He did say the reason he did it is I was the sexiest man he had ever seen." To that end, Cumming isn't holding a grudge.

DA Fights Giudice's Plea to Spend Jail Time at Halfway House

Giudice's new lawyer, Stacy Ann Biancamano, who replaced her trial attorney, sent a letter asking the judge to invoke the Second Chance Act, which would allow Giudice to serve as much as 12 of her 15-month sentence in a halfway house. She also asked the judge to recommend she serve her prison time at FCI Danbury “to facilitate visitation with her young children.” Teresa Giudice Breaks Her Silence on 15-Month Prison Sentence Prosecutors Paul Fishman, Rachael Honig and Jonathan Romankow responded today, shooting the request down in a letter to Judge Esther Salas, the same woman who sentenced both Teresa and Joe Giudice. The prosecutors noted that the judge “made detailed, express findings on the record about the need to sentence defendant to jail.” They added the “halfway house designation was not raised at all by the parties at the sentencing” and they believe such a request would “undercut” her sentence. Giudice is set to begin her sentence on Jan. 5. Teresa Giudice's sentence and her husband's sentence are staggered and he will begin his three and half years in jail when Teresa is released.