Fishing Document Tog, More Whites, And An Intruder...

Sun 21 September 2014

Truck tags were fine, and find that my trailer tag is gone... I know it was on there when we pulled in. The prick was even kind enough to put the nuts and bolts back into the bracket... Fricken low-life's, great way to put a damper on my great day.

I'm in Deale and I'm looking to have all of the teak on a Grady 23 Gulfstream replaced with Starboard this off season. Does anybody know a good marine plastics guy? Thanks,

Fishing Report Hard to find crabs in Rock Hall

Ran out for a few hours this morning out of the Severn. Trolled a bit with a mix of everything: white tandem, spoon, red hose, and a stretch 20. One 16" on the stretch 20". Then jigged a few spots, threw a mix of white bkd's, silver bkd's, sting silvers, z-man, etc. Reeled in another 16" on a white 6" BKD.

Fishing Report 9/20 Mid Bay

Actually a buying report as I haven't bothered to put my crabbing boat in the water this year. Wanted a dozen for dinner an my normal commercial retailer couldn't help me out. First time it ever happened! Was told that they have dropped to nothing in the Chester recently. Called around and found what I wanted but a neighbor was following my call sheet and it took them 5 calls to get crabs. Sad when there should be plenty of crabs this time of year. Pieces have dropped but no product....

Fishing Report Restless Lady Ocean City, MD/ Report 9-19/ Mahi-Whites/ Washington

Had great crews this week, saw some cutters, bait balls lots of sharks and some good fishing. Good water moving down the line for later this week.