Cars And Customer Durable Items To Become Costlier As Government Pulls Gear On Excise Duty Cuts Back: Asia, News - Today

Thu 01 January 2015

The government will not extend the excise duty relief provided to auto and consumer durables sectors, a senior finance ministry official confirmed. The government, which is struggling to meet the fiscal deficit target of 4.1 per cent of GDP, expects to rake in another Rs 1,000 crore in the remaining three months of this fiscal with the withdrawal of the duty cut. Revenue collections in the slowing economy have fallen below the Budget estimates. The erstwhile United Progressive Alliance government had cut excise duty on cars, SUVs, two-wheelers and consumer durables in the interim Budget in February as the two sectors were battling a slowdown and sales were shrinking. Excise duty on small cars, scooters, motorcycles and commercial vehicles was reduced to eight per cent from 12 per cent. In the case of SUVs, it was cut to 24 per cent from 30 per cent while for midsized cars, the duty was scaled down to 20 per cent from 24 per cent. For big cars, the excise duty was brought down to 24 per cent from 27 per cent. In the consumer durables sector, the excise was reduced across-the-board to 10 per cent from 12 per cent. In June, the Narendra Modi government extended the excise duty concessions by six months to December 31. While companies are still awaiting a formal communication and working out on the subsequent details of price hike, Honda Cars India senior vice-president (marketing and sales) Jnaneswar Sen said, "Prices will go up as a result of this decision. The move will also impact demand in the short term." Maruti Suzuki India chairman R.C.

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No, were not getting all crotchety and decrying the evolution in styling and technological breakthroughs that have literally reinvented the automobile during the last quarter millennium. Rather, were bemoaning the fact that, unlike as in past site internet model years, theres a dearth of truly wretched cars on the market for us to openly and readily ridicule. Despite the recent spate of recalls in the auto industry, its difficult to find catastrophic fault with todays new cars. Its been ages since the industry produced vehicles that were so mechanically misbegotten theyd, say, drop a transmission to the pavement within days after being picked up at the dealership. We dont even have a particularly gruesome-looking model like the oft-vilified Pontiac Aztek crossover SUV to kick around these days or even an unfortunately executed flop like the Chevrolet SSR sport truck to deride. Heck, what was until recently the poster child for ungainly contemporary cars the Chrysler 200 managed to morph into what is now a capable and downright amenable midsize sedan with its model-year 2015 redesign. We consulted J.D. Power for the latest results in the companys initial quality and long-term reliability surveys and its scores for performance and design; rankings for resale value depreciation came from the automotive valuation experts at ALG. Finally, we weighed in with no less an expert source than Consumer Reports to check which models received particularly paltry scores for performance and overall value.

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The fact that the i8 has one of the most compelling (and not the least bit awkward) stances of any moderncar makes it an aesthetic triumph. Interesting to sit in? Undoubtedly. Some of our testers thought that it didnt veer far enough from the BMW norm, especially when compared with the i3 , but it hits just the right note for me. Interesting to drive? Yes, and not only for the wrong reasons. Because if you leave its outright handling alone and to be fair, even though its no Porsche 911, that isnt so bad the i8 is a fine GT car. It steers with oily slickness and smoothness, it rides soundly, its electric motors fill the considerable torque gap in the heavily turbocharged engines delivery, making it quick to respond to the throttle, and its refinement and stability are of the first order.