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Thu 23 October 2014

Cops August 21st, 2014 All in all Boulder cops are the coolest in the USA. Well trained they come from a perspective that respects all cultures. They are educated, fit and human. They are accountable. They rarely shoot or kill citizens without do cause. But it has happened and this article is how [READ|SHARE] Rocky Mountain Cigar Festival August 23, 2014 August 8th, 2014 The Rock Mountain Cigar Festival August 23 2014 hosts a national event. For the first time, the RMCF will be held at the world renowned Omni Interlocken Resort in Broomfield Colorado! The festival attracts consumers that are geared toward premium high-end product including premium cigars, hand-crafted brews, unique wine [READ|SHARE] Boulder CU welcome ! Hands Up Don't Shoot!

It's cash, cars and, of course, Floyd Mayweather, as 'All Access' returns Aug. 30 | Boxing - Yahoo Sports

ET and the new round will be familiar for long-time Mayweather observers. Throughout the piece, Mayweather boasts read here of his skills, his wealth, his cars and the lifestyle the money provides him. Such over-the-top gimmickry in the debut of HBO's 24/7 series before his fight in 2007 withOscar De La Hoya is what vaulted him into superstardom. He's never abandoned that theme and turns to it again in his fourth All Access series for Showtime. In one segment of the debut episode, Mayweather speaks of his boxing career. moved here "They kind of believe," he says in a voice over while clips are shown of him dressed like James Bond gambling in a casino. "I really believe. They think they're good.

Uprated and ultra bespoke: Aston Martin's 2015 Vanquish and Rapide S sports cars | Lifestyle | Wallpaper* Magazine

You'd have to be obsessed with the inner workings of these fine machines to discern the differences, for on the surface the flagship Vanquish and new Rapide S look pretty much exactly the same as their 2014 model year forebears. While this is a good excuse to show new images of these hugely attractive, evergreen cars, there are substantial changes under the skin. So what exactly has the Warwickshire-based sports car maker done to deserve our attention this time? First up is the Vanquish, which has been given an eight-speed Touchtronic III automatic gearbox, a long-winded way of saying that every performance metric has been substantially improved across the board, from acceleration to fuel economy. When the Vanquish made its debut as Aston's modern flagship back in 2012 , the company refused to wade into the incendiary horsepower wars taking place between all the other premium manufacturers.