August 16-17: A Styling And Photography Workshop In Brooklyn With Sunday Suppers

Sat 06 December 2014

you can view a few of my photographs in Instagram. I feel lucky to become enclosed by such a crowd right now… And So I need to tell you about another event that'll happen Brooklyn in July. You might do not forget that I taught a couple of workshops there-in yesteryear.

In May we enjoy

This workshop presents 3 1/2 times of education and 6 evenings in the beautiful peninsula of Baja, with activities which will consider us in Cabo San Lucas, To-Dos Santos and El Pescadero. The concentration is going to be on style images offering seaside picnics that are interesting, outdoor, plants + landscapes of Mexico.

With Purple

With my birthday early in in the month, and P.’s birthday fourteen days after. Nowadays infact. That is among the reasons why, I am confident, I'm incredibly fond of lily and lilac of the area.

Food Design and Photography Class in Baja California, Mexico

As Well As In the midst of everything, I’m however T E R K IN G around the last actions to finish producing the manuscript for my next book. I am not so unexcited concerning this guide! I cannot wait to see how it will appear to be. Consequently for the time being, so that you learn, this is where most of my moment and power go. And oh, I cooked blood and raspberry tartlets with fresh flower shaped molds I really could not support but use instantly. Crimson surrounded them aswell.