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Sat 04 April 2015

Considering that millions of people - many of them impressionable children and adolescents - watch this annual program, should we be so quick to dismiss what kind of psychological impact a bearded transgender woman might leave on this group? Are these the "heroes" that our children should be emulating? Shortly after the Eurovision show, Putin, who described himself as "very liberal," gave his view on the winner: "For us it is important to reaffirm traditional values...People have the right to live their lives the way they want. But they should not be aggressive, or put it up for show." Many Russians sided with their leader on the matter as thousands signed a petition demanding that Eurovision be removed from the TV lineup, accusing "godless" European liberals of exposing children to a hotbed of sodomy. Indeed, it can hardly be denied that, over the long-term, such outrageous displays of 'culture' must eventually take its toll on any society, and not least of all in the area of simple demographics. Because Vladimir Putin is fighting against the steady encroachment of increasingly aggressive and irresponsible behavior flooding the world from the West, the Russian leader has attracted the scorn of sell-out Western politicians the world over. Yet he has also won over a huge number, the hearts and minds of millions of individuals - Americans included - who understand that Putin is fighting for traditional conservative values in a world gone mad.

Ps. I'm a girl No just talk to her about it but be sensitive 1 note / reblog Anonymous said : Also, the Scorp moon girl and I spoke the other day. I asked her about this guy she apparently went out with, and I had this confirmed by her best friend that she broke up with him cause she really wasn't interested. She only told me how they met, how he liked her, and then she said, "But I don't like him." in a reassuring way because she knew I liked her for around a year. No details on a relationship at all.. Her behaviour around me has changed recently though? Anything you can get from this? Shes so mysterious I dont even know I cant tell you anything for sure 1 note / reblog Anonymous said : There's an Aquarius girl whos crushing on me, I'm a Sagittarius (girl too- we're both lesbians) and Id be happy dating her, I think. One of her family members has a terminal illness and my same family member died of the same illness a while back, I want to support her, would it be a good idea to date her or should I just be her close friend and support her from there? both would go well Anonymous said : Squad opinion? Virgo (m), Leo (m), Piscesx3 (2m, 1f), Scorpiox2 (1m, 1f), Capricorn (m), Aquarius (f), Taurus (f), Sagittarius (f), Gemini (f) thats a huge squad 2 notes / reblog Anonymous said : and the other dude i accidentally caught him staring at me when his friend asked him who he liked but when my friend tried asking him, he said his crush was someone else. tho, when there was this camping trip, i caught him staring at me the whole time instead of his crush which is also stupidly weird and stupid. and so i am confused, do they like me or am i just being over confident?

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More than a third were "less happy teaching than they thought they would be" while "relatively few were in schools where they were able to make the impact predicted for them in their early years". Those happy with their careers were in schools where they were valued as professionals and had a voice in decision-making in collaborative cultures that recognised teacher efforts. Teachers who were "coping" or had become disengaged said their schools had too many changes, a lack of professional development or little ability to learn from colleagues. Secondary teachers were most disaffected. Career pathways were limited - the only way to get more money was to go into management, compromising frontline teaching time. However, the biggest detractor from the job was the bureaucracy. The introduction of NCEA and National Standards had seen the requirement for assessment and data collection increase dramatically, but for little purpose, reducing teachers' preparation time. One participant said he spent homepage a lot of time "keeping up to date with the useless paperwork that is 'vital' but never gets read or used for anything meaningful by the senior managers who demand it".